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Set up to provide a support service for the Adult Industry in the UK. We offer many different products to help you streamline and improve your processes.ย  Drawing on a vast corporate technical experience we can do this to great effect. Meaning you get what you need to accomplish your goals.

By discussing with you what your aim is we can match the correct product to your needs. ย 

We can help you with a range of packages to suit different needs ranging from:-

I am really really impressed with the service I received from Dick at Salacious Creations. Where to begin with how much my business of 16 years has changed for the better in so many ways I never even considered previously without consulting with Salacious creations first. The guy was full of ideas, but very few can carry it out, this guy can. He convinced me to move over from the Mac platform which I had been using for over 7 years, but with very good reason. Mainly upgrade paths and less limitations. It was Scary at first but knowing I have this guy at the other end to help me with my business is very comforting.

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We contacted Dick Salacious when we were due to open our new club in Cardiff Bay after he was recommended to us by a third party.ย  He managed to set up a website and host it for us in record time. He visited the venue with what can only be described as a BBC Production crewโ€™s worth of equipment.ย ย  Given the understanding of the time limits to us, he breezed through the photos, made a promo video and secured the lovely Selena Secret do to the voice over work.ย 

Dick was very professional throughout the entire process and created us a first class product at very reasonable prices.

We highly recommend you consider using Salacious Creations in helping you create your online presence.ย ย  He has done wonders for us.


Manager, NO-19.club