I am really really impressed with the service I received from Dick at Salacious Creations. Where to begin with how much my business of 16 years has changed for the better in so many ways I never even considered previously without consulting with Salacious creations first. The guy was full of ideas, but very few can carry it out, this guy can. He convinced me to move over from the Mac platform which I had been using for over 7 years, but with very good reason. Mainly upgrade paths and less limitations. It was Scary at first but knowing I have this guy at the other end to help me with my business is very comforting. I had considered doing this myself for a while, but Dick just made my reasons even more clear to me. After the consultation and chat about my business, what tech I use to run it and how, he came up with a plan of action and everything changed for the better after our first chat. He built me a new powerful windows 10 editing machine, to revival any Mac on the market. With any build there are teething problems as that is natural of computers in general, but Dick fixed them right away with no issues and I have a blazing fast editing machine that I would never of thought of getting, for a lot cheaper than the Apple platform, that I can actually upgrade.

I have a nice network for storing masses of 4k Video for all my active projects, he took a look at that too and realised that it could be improved upon, both security wise and speed, by moving all IP address to a higher naming convention. Since I was chuffed with my PC and this guy had proved himself, I just listened and let him do his thing. Now I can edit at the same speed anywhere in the house with wired internet giving me gigabit speeds on any machine in the house connected to a ethernet port. He also used one of my old BT routers and changed it into a wifi hot spot for upstairs, since wireless coverage was bad, giving me something for surfing at my leisure too for me and my Wife. He even suggested that my servers could be added to a different part of the house to make my office less noisy and so we utilised a cupboard near the stairs to host my network to everywhere in the house. If that wasn’t all in one of our chats together I mentioned that sometimes I need to give video work to clients and that using services like drop box and we transfer has served me well. He then told me that with one of my data servers, I could use that to do that all-in house. So he configured me my own internal cloud server, so now people download their work directly from me, from a link I send them, to my server that they built me for disturbing work to clients, saving me monthly fee’s on external cloud server accounts.

 Everything this guy comes out with, you just want him to do, because with each job he proves himself to be even more technical knowledgeable than anyone I have ever met, that with his very reasonable rates, you just know his ideas will improve your existing setup, sometimes without spending any extra money outside of Dick’s rate for doing the actual work. Even if you need to purchase something to add to it, he keeps costs down and can sometimes find you something cheaper than a brand name, that sometimes can be better, technical wise on what its purpose is going to be in the project you give him. We are a business, so we may need more than the average user, but these guys can do it on any level, you won’t find anyone better, both as a person or the level of service you get for the price. They get it, tech can work for you, sometimes with what you already have and utilize it better or upgrade on a budget that doesn’t give you a less quality user experience, everything is covered in their consultation with you from stage one, to the finished work and they are always on the end of a phone, should you need them. So as the CEO of a production company that needs Technology to work, be reliable but have help when we need it, look no further that Salacious Creations has transformed my business on a level that is hard to put into words.